Monitoring of energy consumption

Based on the belief that “you can’t improve what you do not measure” , the monitoring service of the energy consumption is to provide real-time , or according to a defined frequency , measured data on consumption of each energy source used ( electricity , natural gas , etc.) , in order to facilitate the activities of analysis of the data.

Purpose of the service is also to provide adequate reporting to anyone in the company are instructed to use the data of energy consumption ( energy managers , plant managers , and / or department , administration, maintenance , etc . )

Today, technology provides sophisticated systems that can ensure a high quality service at very low cost.

The service consists of the following stages :

  • Definition with the customer of the physical quantities to be measured and monitored ( energy consumption , physical parameters to be monitored , etc. )
  • Design and installation of a set of hardware equipment that allow to capture the defined size
  • Define the type of data analysis and reporting required
  • Provision of a software platform which realizes the above functionality

The above service can be enjoyed with the mode to consumption with a modest monthly fee for the use of the platform , also with the option of the rental of the Hardware without the need therefore to make any financial investment.

The activities of measurement and monitoring are the basis for all activities of energy management , also in accordance with the UNI ISO 50001 on Energy Management Systems .

Monitor consumption also allows for:

  • detect abnormal consumption in real time and thus avoid waste
  • have basic information on process control
  • preventing malfunctions and breakages
  • set policies for predictive and preventive maintenance
  • detect design errors on implants

Considering the strong dependency between this service and Energy management system, the monitoring service could be included for all our customer that conclude an agreement for the implementation of an Energy Management System.