With Kairos for new opportunities in the energy sector

Esco as certified , Kairos is open to partnerships with other stakeholders to grow and assert itself in the energy sector , taking advantage of the opportunities offered by our market and the exchange of knowledge and information . Contact us to learn more!


Energy managers of companies

It deals with energy at the company for which you are an energy manager or work outside . You can consider the opportunity to support a highly qualified professional who can help you in your work , including the identification of financial solutions to actually implement.

Technicians and professionals

You are the coach of a trust company , and you need clarification or support energy ? In we find qualified support that will advise and from which you can find opportunities for cooperation for other customers.

Public Administration

You are a local administrator or a technician in charge of a public body ? in us you will find a technical support and consultancy to develop your ideas , to draw up technical specifications and tenders . Your administration adheres to the Covenant , but fails to realize the planned projects ? In us you will find tips and suggestions for the financing of the same.

Installers and maintenance

Do you want to propose an energy efficiency solution for your customers ? You can compare your proposal with us and we can suggest the best solution , we can support you in the design and procurement of incentives , in contacts with the GSE , with the Customs , with public institutions . Probably we can direct you and your customers towards solutions that can access incentives , such as white certificates , the Income Thermal , tax deductions , which will assume a more friendly.

Operators of renewable

Are you an operator of renewable ?, you come from photovoltaics and you need to diversify your business or better understand how to propose equally photovoltaics without incentive . You’ve heard of HUS , RIU , but is not clear how it works . In us you can count on a qualified partner who will support you in your daily activities.

Training operators

You’re an education agency , and would like to expand your educational offer to the energy sector ? We can develop a training program specifically with your needs , also customized to the needs of a single company . We can count on a network of first class professionals nationwide , which normally carry out their activities at Enea , RSE , Fire or who have many years of experience on the field in companies.

Accounting Firms

You’re an accounting firm and your customers ask you information or advice on how to reduce energy costs , or how to prepare projects for local calls , national or European , but do not know who to ask ? We will definitely give you expert advice or direct you at partner with proven reliability and competence.



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