Management System of Energy ISO 50001


Adopt an Energy Management System allows the organization to establish internal rules, voluntary, to define and implement a corporate policy on energy, aimed at reducing consumption.

An Energy Management System, if properly implemented, can be a powerful tool available to companies to achieve concrete and lasting results over time.

Another certification ?!

And ‘this the reaction of many entrepreneurs or business managers who already know and use in the company ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001 environment, the OHSAS 18001 safety, the EMAS Regulation or other voluntary standards sector.

Based on our experience, we believe that a fundamental difference in the implementation of an energy management system compared to other management systems commonly used in the company consists simply in the fact that the degree of effectiveness of the system can be measured on the basis of consumption energy and then directly on the company’s energy bill.

The reasons which can induce companies to be certified can be summarized as follows:

  1. Why should economically . The costs of system startup and maintenance are recovered normally in very short time , especially for companies energivorous
  2. To improve the image of sustainability of the company or of its products
  3. Because is easily integrated with other management systems may already be present in the company
  4. Why it may be required by the Strategic Customers , who care about their image “green”
  5. Why are the facilities provided by the current legal framework on access to the mechanism of TEE
    1. Benefits
    2. Exoneration audits required under the Decree 102/2014
  6. Why are more predictable future benefits
    1. Lengthening the period of validity of the Integrated Environmental Authorization
    2. Remote subsidy or exclusive revolving funds managed by the regions

The steps to get to the implementation of an effective SGE can be summarized as follows:

  • execution of an initial energy audit , conducted in accordance with UNI CEI / TR 11428
  • Definition of model of energy consumption
  • Defining a baseline reference as regards the energy performance of the organization
  • Definition of performance indicators energy
  • Define a goal of improvement to be pursued
  • Identification of a number of opportunities for improvement
  • Establishment of a program of improvements
  • Making all the normal activities provided by other management systems ( training, supervision , monitoring, management reviews, etc. ) , which can easily be integrated with the SGE.