Energy efficiency can be a strategic tool for Italy to increase the competitiveness of the national economy and to reduce energy dependence on fossil fuels and foreign nations, before to achieve the environmental objectives set by the Kyoto Protocol and the energy policies European.

A significant reduction in energy consumption can be obtained in almost all industries and sectors, given the availability of efficient technologies, applicable to the manufacturing sector, the service industry, services, transport, public administration, to agriculture. To get the actual results system-wide country is necessary, however, that all do their part to overcome the barriers of economic and cultural barriers to the development of energy efficiency.

The Energy Service Company ( ESCO) , as confirmed also by the last crucial Decree 102/2014 and EU Directive 27/2012 , are the key players in this process of raising awareness , providing their expertise and professionalism.

Certifications & Partnership


Energy consulting services

Here is an overview of our energy consulting services :

  • Energy Audits

    Consumption analysis, identify critical issues and planning of measures for the achievement of energy efficiency.

  • Monitoring energy consumption

    The monitoring service of energy consumption  is proposed to provide real-time , or according to a defined frequency , the measured data on the consumption of each energy carrier used ( electricity , natural gas , other) , in order to facilitate the operations of data analysis themselves.

  • Energy management systems (EMS)

    We offer solutions for the design and implementation of integrated systems for energy management in accordance with ISO 50001.

  • White Certificates and other incentives

    Evaluation and development of projects for the implementation of measures aimed at the recognition of the Energy Efficiency Certificates . Bureaucratic assistance for submission of application for the award.

  • Energy Manager positions as per art. 19 L. 10/91

    The requirement to appoint the Responsible for the Rational Use of Energy is derived from Article 19 of the Law 10/91  a law cutting edge for its time , to a limited extent, but still in force.

  • Financial Services

    Kairos Engineering , as an ESCO certified , is among the companies quoted by FEDERESCO for the construction and management over time of projects for energy efficiency financed by Banca Prossima.

  • GSE Direct

    The GSE, Manager of Energy Services, is one of the main institutional actors in the national energy system, as indicated by the legislator as an operator of all incentive systems , including most recently the mechanism of the Energy Efficiency Certificates ( White Certificates ), which is the main instrument incentive for energy.